The Mythbusters Go Back To SubOptic

The TeleGeography group may understand them as Research study Director Alan Mauldin and Vice President of Research Study Tim Stronge: coworkers, experts, and submarine cable television lovers.

However a whole universe of SubOptic guests understand them as something completely various: the Telecom Mythbusters

Tim and Alan will quickly be going back to the SubOptic phase as part of the 2023 conference program, equipped with chests of brand-new information and insight from a few of TeleGeography’s most current research study.

While they pledged to dissolve the Mythbusters following their 2019 takedown of misconceptions like “ Does 70% of the World’s Web Traffic Circulation Through Virginia?” and “ Do Human Senses Offer the Ultimate Cap on Bandwidth?” the telecom world is rumbling with reports of a victorious return.

So is the band truly returning together? You’ll need to join us in Bangkok for SubOptic 2023 to see on your own. If you have not currently signed up, you can conserve your area over here

You can likewise capture up on all the 2019 misconceptions busted over here:

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