ADU 01194: Is the Skydio 2 a Good Option for Drone Mapping?

Today’s show is about using the Skydio 2 for drone mapping.

Our caller for today, Grant flies the Mavic Air 2 for real estate. Currently, he is going through our Comprehensive Mapping course and is keen on exploring new verticals to grow his drone business. And he is thinking of using the Skydio 2 along with DroneDeploy for drone mapping.

So, can you really build a sustainable drone mapping business using an autonomous drone like the Skydio 2?

To answer Grant’s question, we first explain some basics of drone mapping. You will learn about some of the biggest challenges that mappers encounter when reconstructing complex areas.

We go on to compare different drone mapping software like Pix4D, DroneDeploy, and Maps Made Easy. On today’s show, we particularly focus on Drone Deploy and detail the pros and cons of this popular drone mapping software. Towards the end of the show, we explain why mapping with the Skydio is NOT a good idea.

This is a show you cannot afford to miss.

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  • [01:32]Sign up for our Mapping Classes to grow your drone business to the next level!
  • [01:55]Today’s show is about using the Skydio for drone mapping
  • [03:38]Is DroneDeploy a good, reliable drone mapping software? [03:37]What is the most challenging aspect of drone mapping?
  • [03:57]Can you use cloud-based processors for 3D modeling?
  • [04:33]Two ways to reconstruct complex areas in 3D modeling
  • [05:00]Aligning datasets vs. Merging datasets – which is the better option for you, and why?
  • [05:50]Some surfaces that are extremely difficult to map
  • [07:08]Which is the best orthomosaic generator?
  • [08:38]A huge benefit of using Pix4D Cloud
  • [09:03]Can you fly autonomous missions around radio tower?
  • [10:37]Can you really use the Skydio to map bridges?
  • [13:04]Why using Skydio with DroneDeploy for 3D modeling is not a good idea
  • [13:57]Why Maps Made Easy is a great alternative to Pix4D
  • [16:20]Do you have greater chances of a flyaway when you are flying the Skydio?
  • [18:30]Can American drone manufacturers fill DJI’s rather large shoes?
  • [19:57]Is it mandatory for a licensed drone pilot to control an autonomous drone?
  • [26:18]Has the US-China trade war encouraged the production of American-made drone spares?
  • [28:55]Do not forget to check out our Skydio 2 course

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