My WiFi Corporate Plans for Connectivity on the Go

Airtel My WiFi Plans for Corporate Users

Bharti Airtel offers not only consumer services but also a range of enterprise services catering to enterprise customers. For Enterprise Customers, secure connectivity on the go is an important aspect, and mobility is needed to keep the business running on the go. Moreover, most enterprise customers require their workforce to stay connected to keep up with productivity. So, in this digital era, as the corporate future relies on cutting-edge mobility and connectivity solutions, Bharti Airtel offers My wifi solution to enterprise customers to stay connected with special Airtel my wifi plans.

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Airtel my wifi Postpaid Plans 

Airtel offers various my wifi plans for Enterprise customers so that they can keep their workforce stay connected. The enterprise plans of Airtel my wifi come in two variants – with and without a dongle included. Customers can also avail free dongle on lock in 18 months onwards. The data benefits of plans vary with and without the dongle included. 

Sl. No Monthly Rental in Rs. Internet (Data) SMS Dongle Enterprise Benefits
1 299 upto 30 GB 100/Day
2 349 up to 65 GB 100/Day
3 399 up to 85 GB 100/Day Google Workspace Mobile Tracking of asset or people
4 499 up to 125 GB 100/Day Google Workspace Mobile Tracking of asset or people
5 299 upto 30 GB 100/Day

Avail free dongle on lock in 18 months onnwards

6 349 upto 40 GB 100/Day
7 399 upto 60 GB 100/Day Google Workspace Mobile Tracking of asset or people
8 499 upto 100 GB 100/Day Google Workspace Mobile Tracking of asset or people

Airtel my wifi corporate postpaid plans Rs 399 and Rs 499 come bundled with Google Workspace for Enterprise and Mobile tracking of assets or people along with respective monthly data benefits as tabulated above.

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Data Roll Over

In case of unused data at the end of the month, it will be carry forwarded for next month on these postpaid plans.

Airtel Advantage

Enterprise Customers can enjoy Google Workspace basic with Hangout meet and Tracemate solution to monitor field force. Users of Enterprise plans can also enjoy Airtel priority 4G Network – No Network congestion with company paid postpaid plans. The network prioritizes data over the others.


These my wifi dongles come as a great rescue and use case, especially during travel and emergencies or while working without a wired broadband connection. Moreover, a mobile hotspot consumes away phone battery, and no one likes to put communication on the mobile number at risk. Hence, these hotspots, which come with separate battery and data plans, come in handy, especially for users of the enterprise segment. Furthermore, along with bundled data and sms benefits, Airtel my wifi corporate plans of higher rental also come bundled with Google workspace benefits and tracemate, which is an added benefit to enterprise usage.

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