Oracle Interview Experience (On-Campus) 2022

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The exam was conducted on Oracle’s online platform. It had 4 sections which were MCQs based on

  • Verbal Ability
  • Coding Skills
  • Core CSE Concepts
  • Software Engineering Aptitude. 

The sections among themselves had various other subsections. 

  • Some of the subsections for Core CSE Concepts were Object-Oriented Programming, DBMS, OS, Time and Space Complexity analysis
  • Software engineering aptitude had an interesting subsection that was flowchart-based. The Algorithm/task is given and some of the fields are already filled in the flowchart but some fields are empty. we have to select the correct option
  • The coding skills section was majorly based on, MCQs related to binary trees and AVL trees.

The webcam and timer were enabled only after you begin each subsection, as soon as you finish the subsection the timer and webcam stopped.  

Round-1:(Technical – 45 Mins )

  • Brief Introduction 
  • Given a number print whether a number is prime or not (wrote simple Brute force approach)
  • Print prime numbers from 1 to n (my approach was taking the time of O(N^2))
  • Reduce the time complexity of the previous program. If possible try to further reduce the time complexity.
  • Multithreading Vs Multiprocessing(I said Interviewer I don’t know anything related to threading he was okay with it and kept on asking other questions )
  • Explain Encapsulation with a real-life example
  • Explain the Friend keyword and its uses in oops
  • Asked about my project Briefly, and explained it well
  • Asked me about error exceptions explained to him a little bit with no proper idea but he keep on adding hints to it

Round-2:(Technical – 45 Mins )

  • Brief Introduction 
  • Asked me about the previous round  and asked about previous codes 
  • Then gave me one string sai2teja I have to reverse it without using any stl function 
  • Conditions:
    • Don’t change the positions of the digits 
    • Follow up can you optimize the solution
  • Asked me to explain 4 pillars of oops 
  • Asked about my interest in machine learning and asked about my projects which were Machine Learning related. 

Round-3:(HR – 30 Mins)

  • Brief Introduction 
  • Asked my interest in further studies
  • Asked time complexities of basic sorting techniques
  • Then asked me why I started with machine learning
  • My Favorite subject in academics and asked why it is 
  • Asked about my interest field in companies where should I want to work in front end team or backend or machine learning 
  • And explained roles in their company

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