BONUS: Interview with Bobby Watts from Watts Innovation on PRISM and latest developments in the drone industry

Today’s show is a special one as we are joined by Watts Innovation founder, Bobby Watts. Bobby shares his insights and views on the state of the drone industry and how the industry is set to grow in terms of autonomous flights and changing regulations to permit such flights. Paul and Bobby discuss the Prism, an all-American product from Watts Innovation, that comes with variable propulsions and flexible payloads and how the PRISM its set to lead the disruptive changes in the drone world. We also discuss all the specifics of PRISM Sky, the latest solution from Watts Innovation stable and the thought process behind its development and deployment

In other discussions on the industry, we dig deep into BVLOS regulations, autonomous flights, the Amazon vs Walmart drone delivery battles and much much more. Tune in to learn more about all these exciting developments and hear it first hand from Bobby Watts. Get Your Biggest and Most Common Drone Certificate Questions Answered by Downloading this FREE Part 107 PDF

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  • [01:43] Watts Innovation, the Prism, and its use cases for its customers
  • [03:09] Can the Prism support mapping and other onboarding processes for applications?
  • [03:58] Details on the Prism Sky, Watts Innovation latest product offering
  • [05:21] Details of Prism’s platform and software development features including its partnership with Alterion for Prism Sky
  • [09:10] Watts Innovation efforts on plug and play commercial BVLOS applications
  • [11:16] How important is cellular for BVLOS flights and Bobby’s insight on BVLOS and the future of the drone industry
  • [14:48] What are the top 2 applications of BVLOS flights
  • [19:11] What are the barriers to applications such as drone deliveries and autonomous flights
  • [22:06] How are Amazon and Walmart positioned in the drone delivery space
  • [24:01] Is the FAA building a barrier to advancement in the Drone industry and should pilots be regulated beyond Part 107
  • [27:52] Dealing with regulations and waivers and ensuring compliance to waivers
  • [29:44] Biggest use cases for fleets of drones
  • [35:51] Can modularity in drones help with developing features for drones and how is PRISM helping with scaling solutions

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