Ehang Stock Named Best Investment Value

EHang stockEHang stock (NASDAQ:EH) has been named one of the Chinese stocks with the Best Investment Value, as the company celebrates a number of wins in 2022.

UAV ETFEhang [NASDAQ:EH] is one of the holdings in the AdvisorShares Drone Technology ETF [NYSE ARCA:UAV], the only ETF dedicated to the drone economy. For complete list of holdings click here.  The AdvisorShares Drone Technology ETF is a thematic investment strategy seeking to capture the growth opportunities in drones and autonomous vehicles (AV).  AdvisorShares is a DRONELIFE sponsor.

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Urban Air Mobility (UAM) pioneer EHang was named one of the Chinese stocks with the best investment value at the 7th Zhitong Finance Annual Awards.  Despite a rocky 2022 stock market that saw all types of technology take a hit, 2023 could be a big year for UAM and eVTOLs.  December 6, Seeking Alpha published an article titled “EHang: Buy it Now and Buy it Big,” citing the company’s expected type certification in January of 2023 and large order book.   The Motley Fool published an article this month titled “Why Chinese Stocks Tuya, EHang, and Lufax Were Climbing Again,” citing China’s relaxed COVID policy, which will help manufacturing.   Also this month, EHang signed a deal with a Chinese local government entity, Qingdao West Coast New Area, to receive $10,000,000 in new capital: the arrangement provides for the possibility of an additional $10,000,000 later on.

Most importantly, however, is the global sense that eVTOLs and passenger eVTOL, both crewed and uncrewed, may be reaching a pivotal point on the path to commercialization.  Type Certification is one critical step, and eVTOL manufacturers Joby and others are also on a path to receiving certification.

In the meantime, test cases and pilot programs for eVTOLs- especially overseas – move forward apace, with applications ranging from tourist attractions to firefighting and emergency transport.  As economic and political pressure mounts for new, energy efficient transportation options, the time for passenger eVTOLs may be closer than we think.

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