ADU 01253: What are the pre-flight checks required for a drone thats not been flown for a long time?

Today’s question is from Adam, who would like to know what pre-flight checks are required for his drone that’s been on the shelf for a while.

Our show today is different from usual shows where we answer questions from pilots who possibly use their drone quite actively. However today, we focus on the drones that haven’t been flown in a while and the critical things that pilot need to keep in mind when using them.

We start off with a discussion about the most critical part of the drone that might have been impacted from long disuse and that’s the batteries. We elaborate on battery checks that pilots must undertake to check worthiness. We then begin discussions on 2 aspects of a drone – the hardware and the software side of operations and pre-flight checks.

We discuss firmware checks, how some of the older drones have unique differences in terms of their firmware and how the recent developments in the drone world can impact such firmware updates. We delve into critical components of the drone such as motors, props, and mechanical motions of the drone.

From a software perspective, we discuss about software updates to apps, controller options and other third party applications that have had their fair share of developments.

Lastly we summarize all the pre-flight checks that a drone pilot would need to conduct for drones that haven’t been flown in a while and present workflows for pilots to follow.

Whether you have a drone that has not been in use for a while or if you are planning to ‘store’ your drone or if you intend to understand how developments in the drone world can impact your drone and operations, this is one episode you don’t want to miss.

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[03:15]Today’s question from Adam on pre-flight checks for drones that haven’t been flown for a while

[04:57] Checking batteries of drones that haven’t been used in a while

[06:10]Other checks that’s very relevant to your drone

[06:33] What workflows to follow for firmware updates

[08:12] Updating applications and performing compass calibrations

[10:46] Spinning motors and checking motor movement and cleaning the drone

[12:50] Summarising all pre-flight checklists before flight

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