Google to Make it Easy for Indians to get Access to Govt Issued Digital Documents


DigiLocker, with around 137 million registered users as of march 2022, is all set to be a digital government-issued documents storage house for consumers in the upcoming years. Google announced to launch future Androids smartphones with DigiLocker inbuilt into the Files app. Google has taken this initiative in collaboration with National eGovernance Division (NeGD) to provide a safe and secure space to allow the public to keep their government-issued certificates and documents such as Aadhar, PAN, passport, mark sheets etc.

This way, the users can have access to their documents easily in their pockets. Its privacy algorithms would even help to secure access to the documents only for the respective users. There has not been any official confirmation regarding the accurate time frame or its arrival for the iOS devices.

Google Made Several Major Announcements

Google made the announcements at the Google for India event on Monday. Google made a series of other announcements as well, such as the arrival of YouTube Courses in 2023, to give creators yet another opportunity to monetise their content. The main aim of the partnership between Google and the NeGD is to help users in saving their important time in finding their government-issued documents.

With DigiLocker available on the Android app inside the Files app, Google will make it severely convenient for users to find necessary documents quickly. The documents would be stored for the users inside an isolated environment on the device, which would only be accessible through a unique lockscreen authentication.

The importance of the homegrown app DigiLocker would grow multiple folds because of this partnership with Google. There are over 5.6 billion documents that have been issued on the platform by 2300 issuers, said Abhishek Singh, President and CEO of NeGD and the MD & CEO of Digital India Corporation (DIC).

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