Microsoft fixes Windows 11 22H2 gaming performance issues, restarts rollout

In context: Windows 11 22H2 update has had a messy rollout over the last few months. So many users reported problems with it that Microsoft paused its deployment to fix the glitches. Now after almost three months, things seem to be back on track for 22H2.

Microsoft removed a compatibility block this week for Windows 11 users who hadn’t already installed the 22H2 update. Users awaiting the update should see it appear in Windows Update within the next few days. The switch confirms Microsoft’s confidence that it has fixed enough of 22H2’s bugs to resume its global rollout.

Redmond initially launched Windows 11 22H2 in 190 countries in late September, but many users encountered problems with it, including blue screens of death (BSODs). Meanwhile, Nvidia graphics card users reported degraded performance, audio anomalies, and issues with G-Sync.

Microsoft acknowledged the issues last month, claiming that 22H2 accidentally enabled GPU debugging features not meant for end users. The company then paused the update’s rollout with the compatibility block. Nvidia advised those affected to upgrade the GeForce Experience app.

An optional patch for those struggling with 22H2 emerged in late November.

In addition to the Nvidia GPU performance bugs, KB5020044 also fixed problems with Microsoft OneDrive storage. The removal of the compatibility block lets all Windows 11 users install 22H2 with the changes from KB5020044.

Key additions on 22H2 involve the Start menu, gaming, and security. The major update added the ability to create folders for apps in the Start menu, toggle menu organization, and drag app icons from the menu to the taskbar. The File Explorer received a significant refresh adding tabs and quick access pins for files.

Regarding gaming features, 22H2 extended Auto HDR and Variable Refresh Rate support to windowed DirectX 10 and DirectX 11 games where they previously only worked for full-screen DirectX 12 titles. Users can now calibrate HDR using a new app and launch recent games with a controller through the Xbox Game Bar. The update also marked the debut of DirectStorage, letting game developers fully utilize modern SSD speeds.

The new Smart App Control security feature blocks potentially unsafe apps from opening based on a predictive AI model. A new function in Microsoft Defender notifies users if they are entering credentials into known malicious websites.

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