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The centuries of evolution of lightsaber types over up within the Shien lightsaber type (Fifth lightsaber form.) It balanced out each the offensive and defensive approach of combats. But, like several alternative preceding forms, type v conjointly had weaknesses. the shape v proved  inefficient thanks to its lack of quality within the combats. it absolutely was not what Jedis may decision the most effective lightsaber type. 

If the Jedi Order overcame one weakness, the opposite had appeared. The Jedi Order struggled to create the most effective rebel saber  type they may trust. So, they came up with a singular lightsaber combat type. it absolutely was not a fresh fictional type however combined all preceding combat types in one form. Let’s remark the sixth lightsaber type, Niman, its alternative names, Niman users, and why it’s the most effective lightsaber type.

Lightsaber type Star Wars

The lightsaber combat type VI is thought as Niman, conjointly referred to as Moderation type, or a Diplomat’s type. Jedi Order conjointly names this way, the means of the, when a carnivore beast native to Dathomir planet. you will bear in mind this beast because the one Boba Fett unbroken in his place, as seen within the “Book of Boba Fett.” series.

Niman may be a moderate type. it’s a hybrid type that mixes all the effective moves of the preceding 5 lightsaber forms. Likewise, type half-dozen lightsaber stances don’t follow the specialties of previous forms. it’s a additional generalized type that mixes the final moves of these forms. 

Niman users ar precise like Makashi users, defensive like Soresu users, aggressive like Ataru users, and balanced these 2 forms like Djem thus users. The focus, defense, and aggression might not be as sturdy as those forms, however it balances all Combat aspects sort of a Shien lightsaber type. though the Makashi type was thought-about excluded, it still had some role in type half-dozen lightsaber stances.   

Niman may be a straightforward lightsaber type with loose bladework. Despite the straightforward type half-dozen lightsaber stances, skilled Niman users will be completely deadly in combat. A Niman user gets enough time to handle the lightsaber tactically and with wisdom. it’s why {this type|this type|this kind|this manner|this way} is termed the Diplomats form, or the most effective lightsaber type. 

The lightsaber type half-dozen users were terribly effective against thugs and looters. that they had down the fundamentals of all the lightsaber forms and will simply block thugs’ blasters or go aggressive, ultimately disarming them sort of a Makashi user. Niman suited the Jedi code and was adopted by several Jedis. Those Jedis United Nations agency most well-liked peace and harmony most well-liked {this type|this type|this kind|this manner|this way} and spent most of their time finding out the Niman form and its varied aspects. 

The general approach of the lightsaber from half-dozen users failed to facilitate them dominate the combats. So, this way heavily relied on Force-based attacks to enrich their moves. Force skills like parapsychology, Telepathy, Force vision, etc. the utilization of Force is additional common throughout the lightsaber combats compared to alternative lightsaber forms. 

Niman Weaknesses

Despite the involvement of all the preceding lightsaber forms, several Jedi masters heavily criticized the Niman type. it absolutely was not very talked-about among the Jedis of the recent Republic, and therefore the reason was its weaknesses. 

As we know, Niman users fought moderately within the combats. The Niman type was designed to not leave any weakness, however that main side became its own weakness. If Niman users failed to provide any gap throughout the combats, they failed to get a grip over their enemies either.   A lightsaber type half-dozen user may simply attack like Ataru type or defend like Soresu, however a talented master of any of those types may simply dominate a Niman user though he had down form half-dozen lightsaber stances. 

Secondly, Niman wasn’t worthwhile as a result of its tight coaching. A type that can’t provide you with a grip in an exceedingly fight wants plenty of coaching and study. So, it received critics as a result of it absolutely was extremely tight. 

Jedis criticize this way for an additional vital reason. Niman users most well-liked peace however continuously comes a time once the Jedis got to involve in dangerous combats. though the Jedi code is peace, it’s to be achieved by all necessary suggests that. Despite being thought-about the most effective lightsaber type, Niman had few practitioners thanks to its soft fighting approach within the lightsaber combats. 

Who uses Star Wars lightsaber?

was fictional in past, and every Jedis and Sith lords practiced one in all the foremost effective lightsaber forms. throughout the Jedi warfare, Vrook Lamar, Kavar, and Zez Kai wing were the Jedi council masters UN agency used the Star Wars lightsaber


During the recent Sith Wars, some notable Niman users ar the Kas’im, conjointly referred to as blade masters. He was the teacher at the Sith academy. Another noted name of the lightsaber type half-dozen users is Johun Othone, United Nations agency was a Jedi throughout the time of the recent Sith Wars. 

Many nice Jedis and Sith lords used Niman throughout the Clone Wars. The terribly reason for the Clone Wars, Darth Sidious, was a master Niman user and thought of it the most effective lightsaber type. As we know, he most well-liked to trust his Force lightning than his lightsaber type. we have a tendency to saw him fighting against Maul and Savage Opress with Niman’s balanced fighting approach.  

Darth Maul was the apprentice of Sidious, and he conjointly learned the shape half-dozen lightsaber stances. He wielded a double-bladed lightsaber and had a bonus against multiple opponents. 

Master Yoda may be a name everybody is aware of. Master Yoda down all the most effective lightsaber forms, together with the Niman type. He most well-liked to use Ataru principally. Qui-Gon Jinn was conjointly a master of Niman type, however like Yoda, he trained himself in alternative lightsaber forms. He even instructed Niman to his padawan, Obi-Wan, United Nations agency instructed his Padawan Anakin Skywalker the shape half-dozen lightsaber stances.   

Anakin was a adept Niman user, however as he same, he learned it as associate degree exercise to urge management. He wasn’t seen applying the Niman type anyplace. Anakin transferred this information to his Padawan, Ahsoka Tano. we have a tendency to failed to see her active this way either. He was associate degree skilled reverse Shien user, a variant for type V. 

Cin Dralling was associate degree final Niman user United Nations agency served throughout the Clone Wars and even survived the good Jedi Purge. Despite his mastery in Niman type, Darth Vader, United Nations agency down type V defeated him. we have a tendency to get to envision why the Niman type wasn’t worthwhile against a specialist of alternative forms. the shape half-dozen lightsaber stances lacked any special moves, as seen in Cin Dralling’s fight against Darth Vader.

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