Bonus: AskDroneU announcement: New PROPS public safety podcast launch – Interview with John Wakie, host of our new public safety podcast.

Today’s show is an exclusive one as we are joined by John Wakie, host of our new podcast under the PROPS platform, the new PROPS public safety podcasts. John has been working a few years with Drone U on developing our public safety programs and public safety courses under the PROPS platform and will now host the all new public safety podcasts. We talk to John about his illustrious career as a firefighter spanning over 2 decades and his experience with robotics and drones in the public safety domain. We go over key aspects of John’s career, how he got into firefighting and how and why John curated the public safety programs under PROPS. John shares his experience of common roadblocks faced by public safety team, how public safety team can focus their attention on priorities during rescue missions with drones and the impact of drones in the public safety domain. John talks about lives saved by drones and how public safety teams that utilize drones are better equipped to save lives and have improved their quality of service with technology and data. Tune in to learn more about all these exciting stories and hear it first hand from John. Listen to our new podcasts and ask a question to John. Get Your Biggest and Most Common Drone Certificate Questions Answered by Downloading this FREE Part 107 PDF

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[00:40] What is the PROPS program?

[01:35] How did John get into fire fighting?

[02:38] Learn about fire-fighting courses and tools being released under the PROPS program

[03:55] What’s unique with public safety programs curated by John and released via the PROPS program?

[09:00] Barriers that most public safety teams face in their operations as they start operations with drones and things to avoid while getting started

[11:33] New public safety podcast – What will be covered in the new public safety podcasts under PROPS?

[16:10] How are different public safety operations dynamic and diverse and how to ensure focus on missions?

[17:30] John talks about lives saved by drones and how public safety team that utilize drones are better equipped to save lives

[22:03] How drones are improving the quality of public safety operations

[25:19] John talks about his aspiration for public safety program impact

[28:30] How could drones have helped public safety teams during events such as the September 11 attacks

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