terminal – macOS keyboard format no longer running on Linux trough barrier on Gnome

My downside is equal to MacOS keyboard format no longer running on linux trough barrier(synergy)

My workspace incorporates Kali Linux put in on a DELL Latitude E54670 and a macOS Monterey 12.6.1 on a MacBook Air 2015.

The server is the macOS and the customer is the Kali, I take advantage of SSL and it really works as neatly for many.

My factor is somewhat bit sophisticated, once I sort >, {, [ on my Mac it doesn’t work on Kali.

I’ve tried to solve my problem by changing the keyboard layout to Macintosh on my Kali but it doesn’t work; I’ve tried to add

keystroke(<) = keystroke(<,*)

to my barrier.conf file and it works, but when I add

keystroke(<) = keystroke(<,*)
keystroke(>) = keystroke(>,*)

it’s broken

Do you have a solution?

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